Medicare Approved Panels

On April 1, 1998, the Healthcare Financing Administration, in cooperation with the A.M.A., implemented a new series of Organ or Disease Oriented Panels to replace the previous automated multi¬channel chemistry panels codes of 80002¬80019. These panels were developed to facilitate medical review of utilization and medical necessity of laboratory testing.

The Medicare Approved Panels are identified with a single procedure code for each panel. Also, known as AMA panels or Organ or Disease Oriented Panels, these panels are nationally standardized and were first published in the 1998 AMA CPT Procedural Manual. Following the listing of Medicare panels is a selection of special profiles offered by HealthLink Laboratory. The special profiles are not recommended for use on Medicare or Medicaid patients unless each individual component in the panel can be justified as “medically necessary” by the physician and supported by an appropriate ICD¬9 code.


HealthLink Laboratory Panels





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